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Observation network of the Institute of Geophysical Researches

of the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Geophysical Observatories Aktyubinsk, Borovoye, Kurchatov and Makanchi, created during the Soviet times specially for monitoring nuclear explosions detonated in different parts of the world, made up the basis of the NNC RK seismic observation network. In 1994 they were handed over to the Institute of Geophysical Research NNC RK.

Located within a large continent in the regions with very low seismic noise level, within the massives, formed by rocks with excellent transfer characteristics, Kazakhstan seismic stations are ideal for monitoring at regional and teleseismic distances.

Currently operating NNC RK seismic network is the result of international cooperation on its recovery and modernization.

At the present time the IGR NNC RK observation network includes 5 seismic arrays, 7 three-component stations and 2 infrasound stations..

In 1996 Kazakhstan signed the Comprehensive Nuclear Test ban Treaty (CTBT) (www.ctbto.org). According to the Protocol to the CTBT five facilities located on Kazakhstan territory were included in the newly created International Monitoring System for monitoring the compliance with CTBT. These are Makanchi seismic array (PS23), which is a part of primary IMS seismic stations (and included into US NDC network), seismic arrays Borovoye (AS057), Kurchatov (AS058), Aktyubinsk 3-component seismic station (AS059), included into auxiliary seismic stations network and Aktyubinsk infrasound station (IS31).

An infrasound station KURIS installed under National program of RK operates in Kurchatov.

Three seismic arrays (10 elements) Makanchi (MKAR-PS23), Karatayu (KKAR) and Akbulak (ABKAR) were constructed in cooperation with the USA National Data Center (AFTAC) www.aftac.gov

Three seismic stations of Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology network included into the IGR NNC RK network operate on the territory of Kazakhstan. These are: BRVK-IRIS in Borovoye, KURK-IRIS in Kurchatov, MAKZ-IRIS/GSN in Makanchi.

Two seismic stations were installed in Kazakhstan in cooperation with German Research Centre for Geosciences (Helmholtz Centre, Potsdam) www.gfz-potsdam.de These are: Ortayu station (OTUK) in Central Kazakhstan and Podgornaya (PDG) in the south-east of Kazakhstan.

Seismic station “KNDC” was installed in Almaty at the Data Center.

Currently data from all permanent systems arrive to Data Center in real-time mode. Detailed information about technical parameters of the stations you may find in “Seismic and infrasound stations” section.

The map of NNC RK seismic stations network location. Circles – seismic arrays, triangles – three-component stations, stars – infrasound stations.

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